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Bulletproof Your Work

Professional, fast, affordable. Optimise your documents with our proofreading, editing, and paraphrasing services.

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Great Prices

We're proud to deliver a bulletproof yet affordable service. Our prices are great because we've made them extremely competitive without undermining quality.

Great Editing

Our proofreaders and editors deliver writing services tailored to your needs. We always assign your work to native English speakers qualified in your subject area.

Next Day Service

Is your deadline tomorrow? Not a problem. Use our Bullet Speed service to ensure your document is returned, completed perfectly, within 72 hours or less.



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Proofreading £14.99

In this service, we address spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting consistency. We also query unclear aspects of your writing with personalised comments.
Copy Editing £19.99

This service includes all the elements of proofreading, in addition to addressing issues like style, tone, layout, flow, structure, and more.

LaTeX Editing £26.99

This LaTeX editing service ensures your .tex document is written in correct English, helping you to communicate your ideas using error-free, clear, and concise language.

Paraphrasing £34.99

Do you have a piece of writing, an argument, or an idea you'd like to express differently? This service promotes even greater clarity in your work by helping you to restate it.

Expansion £49.99

Turn your bullet points into a bulletproof essay. This service helps you expand on your ideas, meet minimum word counts, and express yourself with structure and clarity.

Other Services

Difficulties planning your essay? Need an expert to look into your website content writing or interview transcription? Email our team for a chat or check out some of the other services we offer.


Bullet Speed

Need your document sooner rather than later?

Try our Bullet Speed service to ensure you receive your completed document within 72 hours or less. When you make your order, simply upgrade by clicking on the Bullet Speed box.


Bulletproof Proofreaders

Every member of our hand-selected team passed a tough entrance assessment to work with us, graduated from a top UK university, and speaks English as their first language.

Privacy and Security

Confidentiality, privacy, and security are paramount at Bullet Proofreading. We use the latest technologies to ensure your documents are kept safe.

Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Control Team (QCT) monitors the standards of all our proofreading, copy editing, and paraphrasing services to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Interactive Editors

Our proofreaders and editors are always ready to offer personalised advice and guidance, whether through email, over the phone, or using MS Word's "track changes" function.

Free Sample?

It's super easy to try our service for free

Complete a quick, 3-step process to receive your free 250-word sample. Choose either our proofreading, copy editing, or paraphrasing services, and then upload your document.

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At Bullet Proofreading, we are committed to clear and transparent prices. Therefore, simply choose a word count and service type to see what you would pay. Our prices are calculated on a per word basis.

International Students, Welcome!

We understand how demanding it is to write in a consistent and accurate scholarly style when English is not your first language.

Importantly, we don't charge international students more to use our services than native English speakers. Unfortunately, it is standard practice among most of our competitors to do exactly this.

Leading in Expertise

Your documents will be handled by PhDs, professional researchers, IELTS teachers, and English language specialists. Together, our team covers the following subject areas:

  • Economics, business, & finance
  • Research methods & literature reviews
  • Physical & life sciences
  • Mathematics, logic, & statistics
  • Social sciences & humanities