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Proofreading £14.99

In this service, we address spelling, punctuation, grammar, and formatting consistency. We also query unclear aspects of your writing with personalised comments.
Copy Editing £19.99

This service includes all the elements of proofreading, in addition to addressing issues like style, tone, layout, flow, structure, and more.

LaTeX Editing £26.99

This LaTeX editing service ensures your .tex document is written in correct English, helping you to communicate your ideas using error-free, clear, and concise language.

Paraphrasing £34.99

Do you have a piece of writing, an argument, or an idea you'd like to express differently? This service promotes even greater clarity in your work by helping you to restate it.

Expansion £49.99

Turn your bullet points into a bulletproof essay. This service helps you expand on your ideas, meet minimum word counts, and express yourself with structure and clarity.

Other Services

Difficulties planning your essay? Need an expert to look into your website content writing or interview transcription? Email our team for a chat or check out some of the other services we offer.


Bullet Speed

Need your document sooner rather than later?

Try our Bullet Speed service to ensure you receive your completed document within 72 hours or less. When you make your order, simply upgrade by clicking on the Bullet Speed box.


Perhaps you have an extremely tight deadline? Or maybe an unusual request? Whatever you'd like to chat about, don't hesitate to get in touch!