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Thanks for visiting Bullet Proofreading. We hope that you’re enjoying the site, our products and services, and the helpful advice offered by our experts. We’d like to take this opportunity to emphasise again that you should always feel free to get in touch with us should you have questions about any aspect of the services or information our team provides, including the terms and conditions presented here.

Pressing onward, our team and its affiliates thanks you in advance for reading these terms and conditions (the “Agreement”). We encourage you to review the Agreement, its details, and its provisions carefully. The first important thing to note is that should you visit bullet-proofreading.com or want to purchase our products and services, you’ll need to confirm that you have read, understood, and consented to the details of the Agreement set forth below.

Bullet Proofreading and its affiliates offer proofreading, copy editing, paraphrasing, expansion, and careers services, as well as a variety of miscellaneous services, each of which is subject to this Agreement. In the event that you decide not to consent to the conditions and provisions detailed below, or the privacy policy which serves as the counterpart to this Agreement, we won’t be able to provide our services or products to you.

Please take care to note that this Agreement contains provisions that may limit your rights. For example, provisions of this kind can be found in “Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability”.

Additionally, Bullet Proofreading reserves the right to make changes to the Agreement presented here without notifying existing users, our company’s affiliates, customers, or any other party. Nevertheless, if our team does revise the Agreement, then we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that these changes are brought to our customers’ attention.

This is not to say, though, that our customers, affiliates, or any other parties are exempted from the responsibility of having to regularly check to determine whether amendments have been made to the Agreement. Please note that the last time this Agreement was updated was 17th December 2018.


This section of the Agreement sets out key terms and their meaning.

When the Agreement uses the terms “customer(s)”, “user(s)”, “registered user(s)”, and “you”, these are referring to you the reader, which is to say, the client who is accessing bullet-proofreading.com through an Internet browser, reading or interacting with our blog and pages, or purchasing our products or services.

When the Agreement uses the terms “we”, “Bullet Proofreading”, “the Company”, “bullet-proofreading.com”, or “us”, these are referring to our team and its affiliates, including our editors, proofreaders, paraphrasers, administrators, website developers, researchers, and other staff, who are providing you with writing-related products, services, and information.

When the Agreement uses the terms “material” and “document(s)”, these are referring to the written pieces of text that you have uploaded into our secure system for a selected proofreading, copy editing, or paraphrasing service (or, in the case of careers services, expansion, or other services, services other than proofreading, copy editing, or paraphrasing).

When the Agreement uses the terms “servicing”, “processing”, and “servicing process”, these are referring to the process of applying the selected service to submitted material.

When the Agreement uses the term “completed document” and “completed service”, these are referring to the edited, amended, proofread, paraphrased, expanded, or custom-written material delivered to the customer in fulfilment of the original service order made by the customer.

Copyright and Control Over Your Work

When customers use our secure system to submit material for servicing, they retain the copyright to the material. The servicing provided by Bullet Proofreading does not need crediting or acknowledging in any way, with the sole exception of the monetary fee incurred to initiate the servicing process itself.

By virtue of providing our services, we do not claim rights to the material, and we will not use the material or disclose any element of the material for purposes other than those necessary to complete the servicing process itself.

The scope of such reasonable use involves downloading the document from the storage location where the customer initially uploaded their document (namely, Amazon Web Service’s state-of-the-art S3 storage service), opening the document in MS Word, providing the requested service (e.g., proofreading or paraphrasing) in MS Word, securely emailing the document back to the customer, and then deleting all versions of the document from our administration system, email server, and website backend.

When the abovementioned changes are made to the material via the services Bullet Proofreading provides, the copyright for all such amendments is immediately and automatically transferred to the customer. As such, the customer retains complete control over their work throughout the entire service lifecycle at Bullet Proofreading, and perpetually thereafter.

Bullet Proofreading’s servicing of material does not imply an endorsement of the ideas, arguments, or content the material contains. Similarly, the servicing we provide and the changes we make do not imply that we agree with other views held by the author of the material, which may be published elsewhere.

Changes made to material submitted for a selected service only represent the expert advice of Bullet Proofreading, and since these changes are delivered through Microsoft Word’s “Track Changes” function, the Company expects that the customer, their supervisor, their publisher, or any other party will reject, accept, or further modify this expert advice as they deem fit. In this way, the content of the completed document is completely the responsibility of the customer.

Complete control and responsibility over the material extends in the same way to offensive, blasphemous, racist, sexist, plagiarised, and copyright-violating content. Our team at Bullet Proofreading will not make amendments to material that introduce offensive statements or anti-social content of this kind where they were not there previously.

Bullet Proofreading does not have the obligation to monitor and refuse services to customers who submit offensive, blasphemous, racist, sexist, plagiarised, or copyright-violating material.

Refunds for a Completed Document

Our refund policy is clear, simple, and fair.

If the customer is dissatisfied with their completed document, they should first email admin@bullet-proofreading.com. When we receive the email, our Quality Control Team (QCT) will evaluate the complaint, and if we determine that the service provided was sub-optimal, then the customer will receive either a full or a partial refund (based on the severity of the offence).

If we receive complaints about completed documents which were returned to the customer more than 30 days previously, these complaints will not automatically be picked up by our Bullet Proofreading’s QCT. For cases which fall outside this 30-day window, decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.


To ensure customer satisfaction across the board, our team of editors, proofreaders, paraphrasers, and English language experts works according to a predetermined set of guidelines. These guidelines provide an in-depth account of the servicing process and quality criteria that every completed document must conform to. The samples provided on each of our service pages show what these guidelines are.

In each of our forms, we ask users to leave comments for further requests they may have for their material (e.g., relating to referencing style), setting out specific, personalised criteria they would like our experts to achieve. Please note that where these further requests are inconsistent with our standardised set of guidelines, Bullet Proofreading and its affiliates reserves the right not to fulfil these.

Abusing Our Automated System

Bullet Proofreading offers 250-word samples for all newly-registered users. We offer this primarily as a gesture of goodwill, but it also helps to show you what our team of experts is capable of. In the event that users abuse our system by creating more than one account (or any other approach), Bullet Proofreading reserves the right to delete the offending accounts.

In particularly severe cases of abuse (for example, repeated use of the automated free sample system by a single user), Bullet Proofreading reserves the right to publish the offending user’s material using our blog. The consequence of this will be that the offending user’s material, if submitted for any official purpose, will be identified as plagiarised. Before taking this action, the offending user will be warned and given a reasonable window of time to cover the cost of the additional services they received.

Electronic Communications

Whenever you access bullet-proofreading.com using your desktop web browser, smartphone, or any other Internet-enabled device, or whenever you send us an email, you specifically acknowledge that this is a form of electronic communication. In so doing, you consent to receive electronic communications from our email address (namely, admin@bullet-proofreading.com) in return.

We will send electronic communications to you only when essential for the quality of our service, including but not limited to order confirmations and successful material upload confirmations. You consent that these electronic communications satisfy any requirements pursuant to applicable law that Bullet Proofreading should contact you and inform you about the progress of your order in writing.


Confidentiality is crucial to everything we do at Bullet Proofreading. Since we’re dealing with your confidential information whenever you submit material or complete our order and contact forms, we’ve established a series of concrete measures to ensure that this information is handled appropriately.

Our team is bound by Bullet Proofreading’s code of conduct, and before working on your documents, every expert is required to sign a legally-binding non-disclosure agreement. All documents are stored on Amazon Web Service’s state-of-the-art S3 storage platform, which safeguards against data leakages and malicious hacks, and once the servicing process is over, the documents are permanently deleted from our systems.

While a record of a fact that work took place is maintained, no documents remain in our database. For more information about the way we handle your personal information, please check out our privacy policy.

Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitations of Liability

The servicing we provide, the information published on bullet-proofreading.com, and any of the completed documents we deliver are provided by the Company “as is”, “as available”, and at your sole risk. Additionally, while we strive to ensure that electronic files disseminated to customers do not contain known malware or computer viruses, we give no guarantee or warranty that the files in question do not contain such malware or viruses.

Alongside the above, we cannot give assurances or guarantees regarding the virus-free nature of emails or email attachments that may have originated with parties other than Bullet Proofreading. With this in mind, we strongly caution users to take the precautions that the Company does in dealing with third-party-uploaded files and email attachments: namely, to check – using all relevant measures, software, and other tools and techniques – the attachments, electronic files, and emails received before opening them.

The aim of the completed documents, information, and all other resources, products, and services supplied to customers by Bullet Proofreading and its contractors is to be as current and accurate as possible. Nevertheless, the Company does not warrant that the information contained on the website in our blogs, that the servicing, or that any other content hosted on bullet-proofreading.com is current, accurate, complete, error-free, or reliable.

To the greatest possible extent pursuant to applicable law, the Company disclaims every condition and warranty, whether expressed or implied, regarding the information hosted on bullet-proofreading.com, as well as the completed documents delivered to customers or any aspect of the servicing process, which includes the degree to which services are current, accurate, complete, or error-free.

In no event is Bullet Proofreading, its contractors, or any other third parties referred to on the Company’s site liable for damages, including but not limited to direct, incidental, and consequential damages, or the loss of profitability, suspension from university, breach of confidentiality, loss of data, and interruption of business.

In no event is Bullet Proofreading liable for damages that exceed the amount paid by a user for the requested servicing, and in the event that the user is dissatisfied with the servicing provided and the completed documents delivered to them by the Company, the user’s sole and exclude remedy is to stop using the services we offer.

Finally, please note that in the event of any of the following, we cannot take responsibility for the delays that may occur in the process of servicing your material and delivering a completed document: first, should you fail to enter accurate and error-free contact information into our order, free order, registration, and contact forms; second, should you fail to respond in a timely manner to any request we make for further information; or third, should you contact us for urgent requests (including the Bullet Speed service) which fall outside our opening ours.

Governing Law

The performance and interpretation of any of the provisions contained within the Agreement shall be continued in accordance with and governed by English Law.

Contact Us

If you have any comments, queries, or you’re simply finding it difficult to understand any of the provisions mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. As always, we’ll be more than happy to provide free, helpful advice.