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This privacy policy provides an overview of our information practices. We’re writing this because we want to communicate to you the various ways we handle the data you give to us, and we want to outline the procedures we follow to ensure your privacy is protected.

We encourage you to read our privacy policy carefully to establish a sense of our views, our information practices, and the ways these might affect you. If you’d like to ask a question about any aspect of this privacy policy, please get in touch using our contact page.

Finally, please note that the last time this privacy policy was updated was 17th December 2018. Should this privacy policy change in the future, we will make reasonable efforts to ensure that these changes are brought to your attention.

Information We May Collect

The following types of data may be collected and processed by Bullet Proofreading:

  • The information you enter into our website’s forms
  • Records of electronic communications
  • Records of the transactions you carry out through

Consistent with the GDPR, Bullet Proofreading guarantees that your personal information will be processed in a lawful, fair, and transparent manner, with no adverse impacts on your rights.

The only cases in which we will collect and process your personal information are those where at least one of the following lawful bases applies:

  • You have given clear consent for Bullet Proofreading to process your personal data for a specific purpose
  • Processing is necessary in order to perform a contract you have entered into with Bullet Proofreading, or because you have asked Bullet Proofreading to take specific steps before entering into a contract
  • Processing is necessary for allowing Bullet Proofreading to comply with a legal obligation under English Law (this does not include contractual obligations)
  • Processing is necessary to safeguard an individual’s life
  • Processing is necessary for allowing Bullet Proofreading to act consistently with the public interest or for Bullet Proofreading’s official functions
  • Processing is necessary for the user’s legitimate interests or a third party’s legitimate interests, unless these interests are overridden by the data subject’s rights and freedoms which require safeguarding of personal information


Unlike just about every other website you’ll have visited recently, is committed to minimising the use of Cookies. We believe it is your right not to have a computer or browser loaded with Cookies, which companies often rely on to track your activity.

Therefore, we use Cookies only where absolutely necessary for our systems to function properly. In terms of what Cookies are, these are pieces of data associated with a unique ID, and websites use your devices to store these since this process facilitates tracking (e.g., preference tracking and activity tracking).

The only two Cookies used on are set by Bullet Proofreading. These are:

  • CSRF Cookie: We use this Cookie to protect against cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks. In this case, the Cookie is simply a random string of numbers and characters, with no connection to you as an individual apart from the fact that it is stored in your browser. The sole purpose of this Cookie is to ensure that each user who accesses our site can be distinguished from another. This prevents malicious attackers from transmitting and executing unauthorised commands through the forms we have integrated into our website.
  • Session ID Cookie: This Cookie allows us to keep you logged into our system. Like the CSRF Cookie, it is simply a random string of numbers and characters, containing no personal or identifying information. The Cookie is created and stored on your computer when you log into, and as soon as you log out, it is removed from your computer.

Using Collected Information

We use the personal information you submit through our forms for the following reasons:

  • To correspond with you electronically
  • To complete your orders
  • To let you know what the charge will be for a particular service

If you would like to opt out of any of the above ways we use collected information, please feel free to let us know at any time.

Storing Collected Information

The servers we use to host our website, maintain our database, and provide information and services to you are based in Ireland, United Kingdom. On these servers, we store the information you submit to us via the forms integrated into our website.

The personal information in question includes your username, your encrypted Bullet Proofreading sign-in password, your email address, your country, order-specific data (e.g., document size, service type, and requested deadline), and review specific data (e.g., your comment or the number of stars you gave to our service).

To ensure we have adequate records of the services we have provided, the above information is maintained indefinitely within our databases, with one exception: namely, the document you upload into our system. This document is initially stored on Amazon Web Service’s Ireland-based S3 system, and once we have delivered the service, we delete all versions of the document from our systems.

By giving us your personal data, you consent to this arrangement, and acknowledge that while we will do everything we reasonably can maintain the security of your data, no guarantee can be provided for complete data security.

Disclosing Your Information

Bullet Proofreading does not disclose your personal data or your documents with any third parties other than the individuals who deliver our services, which includes administrators, editors, proofreaders, paraphrasers, expanders, and careers experts.

Every member of our team who accesses your personal information is required to work under a legally-binding non-disclosure agreement, as well as the provisions laid out in this privacy policy.

Your Rights

Should you want us to delete any of the personal data we hold in our system that relates to you, simply email us and we’ll be happy to do so. In addition, should you want to see a copy of the data we hold in our system that relates to you, again just send an email and we’ll be happy to oblige within a reasonable period of time. Please note that in the case of the latter, administrative charges may apply.

Governing Law

The performance and interpretation of any of the provisions contained within this privacy statement shall be continued in accordance with and governed by English Law.

Contact Us

If you have any comments, queries, or you’re finding it difficult to understand any of the provisions mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to provide free, helpful advice.