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Blogger    @ 16 Aug 2021   Verified Order Outstanding performance and quality.

mehmet    @ 30 May 2020   Verified Order I can explain you with one word: BEST!

Aditya Vinayak    @ 19 Sep 2019   Verified Order I didn't like it, I loved it! Bullet is one of the best companies I have met and this one of the best experiences. When I received my free sample proofreading and free essay review, they also taught me so many things and this not only improved my work, but also my skilling in English. I highly recommend this place, for anyone wanting to get a good mark in their English. Thank you for reading my essay!

Tomi    @ 27 Apr 2019   Verified Order This service was recommended to me by my boyfriend and I really appreciate him and the Bullet Proofreading team. They have helped me so much and I have no doubt I won’t get good grades. He explained everything how it works and what they can do for me. I appreciated the planning and draft stage before writing my assignment. I have used them twice and will continue to use them. Thank you to the team. Reply from Bullet Proofreading Hi Tomi, Thanks so much for your kind review. We're really looking forward to working with you and your boyfriend again in the future. Until then, best of luck with all your assignments :) Kind regards, The Bullet Proofreading Team

Yifang    @ 15 Mar 2019   Verified Order Paraphrasing was excellent - very satisfied, thank you!! Reply from Bullet Proofreading Hi Yifang, Thanks so much for taking the time to review our paraphrasing service. Our team is very pleased to hear you had a positive experience, and we're looking forward to dealing with more of your documents in the future. Best wishes, The Bullet Proofreading Team

David    @ 14 Jan 2019   Verified Order Thank you the service was good and fairly quick

Alya    @ 11 Jan 2019   Verified Order To be honest, pretty good. Basic grammar, formatting, spelling check with proofreading, some useful advice. More changes could be better, but consistent and my thesis read well. Reply from Bullet Proofreading Hi Alya, Thanks for the detailed review. We're happy to hear you think the readability of your thesis has improved after receiving our proofreading service. Alongside this, we hope you benefitted from the comments we left in your document! If you'd like a slightly more comprehensive service next time, consider looking at our service description for copy editing. The scope of issues we consider in our copy editing service is much broader than it is for proofreading (e.g., style, tone, syntax), so that would lead to quite a few more changes in your document. Looking forward to working with you again in the future! All the best, The Bullet Proofreading Team