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  •  Mar 2019

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This post introduces Bullet Proofreading's free essay review service. It explains how students, academics, and even international students can benefit from this easy-to-use service.

As a student or academic, you’ll probably have a heavy workload. Therefore, wasting time and effort checking your essay for the third, second, fourth, or fifth time is the last thing you want to be doing. In fact, as we all know, checking your own work – especially when you’re tired – rarely allows you to find every error or weak argument it contains.

Our free essay review lightens your workload and improves your productivity by allowing you to show your essays to experienced, knowledgeable essay consultants. Once an essay consultant at Bullet Proofreading has looked over your essay, they’ll flag mistakes, make suggestions for strengthening your writing, and point out how you can improve your spelling, grammar, and syntax.

What’s more, if you upload your essay today, you’ll receive your detailed, confidential, and free essay review within 48 hours. So, if your assignment deadline is looming, bypass the tedium of correcting your minor and major mistakes by yourself. Freely and conveniently take advantage of the know-how of our essay consultants at lightning speed.

Our quest at Bullet Proofreading is to improve communication in the lovely, rich, and historic English language. Every single service we offer is geared towards this, and this is also true for the blog posts we write. To advance this quest, and to counter well-documented inequalities in higher education access and attendance, our essay review service is – and always will be – freely available to all users.

That is to say, the sole requirement for using this service is an Internet connection. As such, all you need to do to use the service is to upload your document, let us know your email address (so we can return your free review), and inform our team about your academic level and area of study.

According to the United Nations (2019), access to higher education is seriously limited in many low-income and developing countries. For example, in Central and Southern Asia, only around 8% of people aged 18-22 years are attending higher education. Given the massive concentration of human capital and other resources within universities, this means that significant numbers of people are left behind, with no way of interacting with or benefitting from such centralised expertise.

We're not trying to say that our free online essay review service is in any way a solution to these well-documented inequalities in education. Massive issues like disparities in access to services are obviously more complex than this, and so they warrant more sophisticated solutions. Nonetheless, by interacting with people who might not be well-positioned to leverage formal education, proofreading, or writing services, Bullet Proofreading's small team of essay consultants may at least broaden the reach of very valuable educational resources.

Your free essay review will be completed by a PhD, professional researcher, IELTS teacher, or English language specialist who is qualified in the area you’re writing about. This ensures that your essay review contains targeted, accurate, and error-free advice, and it allows people from all around the world to benefit from university-level resources which are often out of reach.

Even if you’re already a full-time university student, receiving a free essay review will certainly add value to your life. For example, you could order a free essay review before meeting your supervisor, allowing you to get a firm grip on the important details well in advance. You could also receive a free essay review just before submitting your assignment, allowing you to get a second opinion, and letting you know if your messages aren't being conveyed with clarity.


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