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Make a lasting, high-quality impression

Even more so than your CV, your cover letter is what distinguishes you from other internship or job applicants. Although it might be tempting to neglect a cover letter, research shows that well-written documents work wonders for professional success.

Knowing what to say is just as important as presenting the information logically and clearly. Therefore, structure, tone, clarity, and brevity are the cornerstones of the cover letters our team provides at Bullet Proofreading.

The cover letters our team produces are approximately 350 words, depending on each individual case. An experienced writer in our team who knows your industry will be assigned to provide the cover letter service.

How should I use this service?

After you place an order for a cover letter, we will:

With a Bullet Speed service, this process can be completed in less than two days. If you require your completed document urgently, please contact us to discuss the deadline (email or telephone).


Perhaps you have an extremely tight deadline? Or maybe an unusual request? Whatever you'd like to chat about, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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